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-Appointed as Consultant by JICA for Data Collection and Survey regarding Reform of Power Sector in Pakistan.

-Dispatching Staff to Cheong Pyeong Hydropower project for Assembly of Stator & Rotor

-Dispatches an electrical supervisor to New Bong Escape Hydropower Project in Pakistan with Andritz Technologies, China

-Dispatches an electrical supervisor to Xekaman-3 Hydropower Project in Lao PDR with Andritz Technologies, China

-Dispatches technical staffs to Cheong Pyeong Hydropower Project in South Korea with Voith Fuji Hydro, Japan

-Registered as a construction company in accordance with local regulations in Lao PDR

-Dispatches an electrical supervisor to Theun Hinboun Hydropower Project in Lao PDR with Andritz Hydro, Austria

-Dispatches an Mechanical supervisor to A-Loui Hydro power Project in Vietnam with Voith Hydro GmbH, Germany

-Opens a liaison office in Lao PDR

-Open an office in Shinjuku, Tokyo

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Technical Services

We aspire to be the benchmark in the Hydro industry when quality and reliability are concerned. We provide technical solutions for our clients,


Consulting Services

Nippa Tech with a focus on helping the Power Sector, has started the Consulting Services. As a Consulting Firm Nippa has been awarded the first project by JICA


Water Devision

Nippa Tech with the help of Marinex is introducing the Water Filter under the name of TERAMIX. Its uses the Marinex Technology for purifying the water.


Supplies and Trading

Nippa Tech is a Professional International Procurement Company led by key Personnel who come with several years of rich experience



Nam Theun 1 HPP

Nam Theun 1 HPP,

Rusumo Falls HPP

Rusumo Falls HPP,

Sasadaira HPP

Sasadaira HPP,

Xayaburi HPP

Xayaburi HPP,

Tedorigawa 3 HPP

Tedorigawa 3 HPP,

Akiba HPP

Akiba HPP,


President Message


Khalid Raza

In behalf of the members of NIPPA TECH, it’s my pride and honor to present and acknowledge our good reputation in giving focus and highlighting out achievements and triumph presented by the capabilities and high standard works of our company. Today and in the future we would like to share our vision and mission as a team and family working together to give clients full satisfaction, as our work is never complete without the final nod of approval from our clients.. We are aware of the value and importance of providing close individual attention to each and to working within the constraints of time and budget. Absolute commitment to total customer satisfaction and sustained partnership has been the foundation of our success; in addition to that, the expertise and experience of our personnel and in-depth knowledge of local markets have played a key role in our path on success..